Selling Vacation Properties Before They’re Built

Different considerations are made when one is buying primary residence and when one is buying  a vacation home. For the primary residence, factors like distance from one’s workplace,  the amenities like schools and hospitals that are around and the transport network are considered. For a vacation home, the goal is a place that is an escape from the mundane and ordinary.  Thanks to technological developments like 3d visualization, property home developers can find buyers for them even before they are even built.

Ready buyers
This is key because if developers can find buyers beforehand, they can secure the funds in form of deposits and avoid taking  a construction loan.  Vacation homes have more extras in terms of amenities for leisure and relaxation.  This include Jacuzzis, hot tubs, tennis courts, swimming pools, terraces and other such features which make them much more expensive to build.

3d walkthroughs
3d visualization makes it possible to take potential buyers through properties that are to be built through 3d walkthroughs. These is the most effective tool for pre-sale marketing available.  It shows every detail of property that is being developed and with a very high level of detail and realism.

A buyer is able to see details like the color of candles around a bathtub, the color of the flowers in the flower garden and  they can see how the water glistens in the pool. The details are so clear they will feel like they are already in the house and that goes a long way in turning an admirer into a buyer.

Zooming in
With 3d visualization, one can zoom in and look at one particular aspect of the  entire plan. For instance, they can have a look at the floor plan either of the entire house or a particular room,  the closets,  the cabinets and other storage spaces,  landscape plans and other plans for specific spaces.

The facility also makes it possible for a developer to make customized vacation homes. If a buyer can see a plan beforehand, they have the chance to give their input and put in requests for specific features to be incorporated into their home. They can ask for specific dimensions, color choices, fixtures, fittings and finishing.  Being able to customize is a great selling point for buyers that developers can use to market them.

3D Illustration Interior designMobile marketing

Today’s world moves fast. To keep up, gadgets like cell phones, tablets, ipads and other such devices are a must. Another advantage of 3d visualization is that it is marketing that can be done anywhere and at any time. A vacation home developer can send plans to potential buyers anywhere in the world on these gadgets. It can done  by architects, property managers, builders, property developers to market their designs for vacation homes.

Hook and sell

It has been proven through research that visualization is a major factor in getting a website visitor to stay on a site. Give them not only still photos or flash photos but 3d visualization and you get a visitor to linger on your website. And that means having the chance to convert a site visitor to a buyer. Making it possible for one to take a virtual walk through the rooms of a vacation home is an experience that evokes emotions that inclines a  potential buyer to want to walk through the home once it is completed.

To have 3d visualization done, one only needs to submit  2D plans and they will be developed into 3d plans.  Plans can be done for floors only, particular rooms, gardens and outdoor spaces or for an entire house.  Get it done and see virtual tourists become actual buyers. Contact PiXate Creative or take a look at our capabilities video on YouTube.