Rugged Fitness

Here is a before and after of Rugged Fitness who is located with Wethersfield CT.  Please feel free and comment, we would love to know what you think of the before and after.

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  1. Karen Grace
    Karen Grace says:

    This new one is Eyepopping!!! The BigBold Red Letters backwards catches the eye, (what is that?) and contrasting bold black print underneath has the same rugged. granite-like texture instantly suggesting stone. Something hard, resilient, something tough. WE’re not talking zumba class here when the focus is strenghth and conditioning. This logo tells me I’m coming to a gym with great equipment and trainers to focus on my workout, doin the reps, pushing through the pain, focusing on my goals.. At Rugged Fitness, I’ll pass over my coordinated yoga outfits and grab my real work-out sweats.

    • jkutyla
      jkutyla says:

      Thanks Karen for the Comment! Brian, the owner of Rugged Fitness, loved it as well. This was a very fun project and Brian gave us design freedom on this. Too bad for you they are based in CT. It sounds like you would like to workout there:)


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