inspiration – Black

These were not designed by PiXate Creative, but a source for inspiration.

“Black is not used as the main color very often in text content rich web sites. It can be used and is very popular by design related personal portfolios and photography sites, as you will see below. It allows the artwork to take center stage and be the primary focus of the viewer.” –

Interested in some more examples.  Here is our source:


My interest in 3D began when the movie Toy Story was released in 1995. I was 15 and was amazed by the idea that realistic images could be computer generated. To feed my curiosity I began working with LightWave, a 3D animation package, to create cartoon characters within environments. Once I picked up 3D, I never put it down. Motivated and self taught, I spent the next 12 years perfecting and improving my 3D software application skills. I am the owner of PiXate Creative, husband, and father of two kids.