Facebook for Business

Here are a few steps you should follow if your a business on Facebook

Optimize Your Landing Page
– We can set up a customized landing page to appear when someone lands on your page for
the first time. This is a great way to showcase specific products or services. We can set up
branding, email newsletter opt-ins, as well as links to your website.

Fill Your Page With Valuable Content
– Pictures, Videos and wall comments are extremely valuable to a visitor on your Facebook
Wall. We’ll upload this type of content and get the page ready to begin receiving traffic.

Share the Page with Your Friends
– Whether you’ve got 5 friends or 500 friends on Facebook, the first place to start is by asking your own Facebook friends to “Like” your new business page.

Ask Close Friends to “Share” Your Page
– Ask some of your friends on Facebook that you feel would be willing to become a “minimarketer” for you to go to your page and click the “Share” link at the bottom of the left-hand side informational column on your page.

Run a Facebook Ad
– Facebook Ad’s can be very effective. We can pinpoint a demographic for you and begin
running ads asking people to “Like” your Facebook page. You’ll be surprised with millions of impressions while your Facebook page grows.

Push Content on a Weekly Basis
– The next step is to consistently feed new content to your page that people who have “Liked” your page will want to read, and even share. Getting people to “post” something on your wall, or “comment” on a picture or video is extremely valuable. When someone does something like this it instantly notifies all of their “friends” on facebook taking the process “viral”. It’s a great way to reach a large audience.

Promote Your Page Inside Your Business
– We can design signs, window clings and bag stuffers for you to display in your office or
business promoting your Facebook page to your clients and customers.

Display the Facebook Logo on EVERYTHING
– Email Signatures, your website, marketing collateral, advertising; EVERYTHING should display a Facebook logo to let people know you are on Facebook.