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EB-5 Funding for Project Development – Do You Qualify?

What is The EB-5 Investment Program? If you could build the building of your dreams and give a foreign family the chance to give their children an opportunity to embrace the American dream, would you do it? Imagine what a potential client would think of you if you could show them a way to get […]

Visual Presentations Drive Sales – A Look at 3D Rendering

The human brain has varied reactions to different shapes and sizes. While some colors and shapes interest you, others will push you away. However, it is more difficult than that. In fact, the scenarios involved are quite complicated. The reactions of the body and mind are dependent on each other. They are an outward reaction […]

Marketing wiith the use of 3D Rendering

The art of marketing a product is simple; provide a simple yet effective way to communicate your product to your customer. This has been the philosophy of marketers for years as well as architects alike, communicating potential work through the use of 3D rendering Using architectural 3D rendering creates an effective marketing tool giving a […]

Transforming a 110 Unit Ski Lodge using 3D Rendering

Recently, we took on the task of transforming an architectural drawing of a 110 unit lodge into a photo-realistic image. The 3D render follows strict local, state, and federal regulations as well as a vision for future customers as to what this new 110-unit lodge would look like. The final 3D renders will also help […]

How IKEA Effectively Navigated to 3D Rendering

IKEA, one of the world’s largest and most successful multinational companies, is known for providing some of the best high-quality, ready to build furniture in the world. The company’s goal is to create visually appealing furniture that appeals to a wide array of customers. After much deliberation, IKEA decided to make a drastic change the […]

FormIt vs SketchUp

  Update: 3/24/15 FormIt has made some much needed improvements which better help it complete against SketchUp.  We plan to change our below post as soon as we have time.  Some of our below constructive criticism has been addressed.   –Original post– Last week I had the pleasure of attending an AIA training day in […]

PiXate Creative 3D Workflow Process: Step 4, Model Detailed Models

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s hard to see the forest through the trees?” This saying pertains to 3D rendering as well as our company, PiXate Creative but for a different reason. Architectural rendering as a complete process is indeed time consuming and requires strict attention to detail. The reason architectural rendering takes such […]