There are 3 types of companies you can buy 3D images from.City_001

The first type – Freelancers

The second type – Outsourcing companies. These types of businesses are normally less expensive than the 3rd type of business. They out source the work to several 3rd parties. Some times you get really nice work and other times you don’t.

The third type (which we fall into) – Businesses that are team based. PiXate Creative has been in business since the end of 2007. I made PiXate my full time business in 2008. Srecko, was my first team member to join us. He started in 2009 and is still with us. When I say team based, I mean we have modelers, texture artists, lighting artists. Most of us work on each project. The quality of our work is consistent and we allocate the resources where they need to be.  We might not be the least expensive option, but we feel we offer the best value, and most reliable way of producing your work. To our clients we become an extension of their team. Our goal is to make you shine and have the resources and bandwidth to do that.

Let’s take a look at a recent project we worked on in Boston. The developer was interested in selling a building to people looking to buy an apartment in Boston. This developer was used to paying an inexpensive price for their images. We agreed to an artist draw off of sorts. Basically our more expensive team against a less expensive freelance artist. The basic rules, we both agreed to work off the same model.

Here is the Model:

Artist A

Artist B

For the time being I am not going to tell you which image is ours. Would you agree there is a difference in these images? Which image is more warm? Which image makes you more interested in the property? Which image is more inviting?

So the question we should be asking is how important is this project and how important is it to get the image correct the first time? What happens if the images are not to the quality you need them to be? How much back and forth and time is this artist going to take of your time? One of our lead artists went to school to be an architect. He decided he liked the artistic side of architecture and as of 2016 he has been with us for six years. Does having a talented artist on staff trained in architecture worth anything?

Are we going to be the least expensive? No we aren’t. We will also not be the most expensive. I can promise we are willing to try and work with your budget. Whether we are working with a small budget or a large budget, you are buying from us a guarantee that you will be pleased with our work.

So, how much is it going to cost?  Well, every project is different. Here are some things to consider that will affect your price.

  • Do you have AutoCad floor plans and elevations?
  • Is your file in a 3D format like SketchUp or Revit?
  • How photorealistic does your image need to be?
  • Are you going to use this as a design tool or is the design finalized?
  • Do you need interior and exterior images?
  • How complex is your space?
  • Do you have specific furniture in your space?
  • Is it important that your render actually looks like it will in real life?

If the “company” you are looking into doesn’t ask you these questions and gives you a flat fee for the cost of their service then these should be red flags.  These indicate two things. First they are a freelance person looking for work, regardless of whether they get paid $6 an hour and don’t make a profit. Or they outsource this to China or India and don’t care how much work the project takes because they are paying someone very little to work on the project. Most of these issues come down to a quality control problem. If neither of those concern you, we are probably not a good fit as a business partner.

We are really looking forward to your feedback. If you feel we might be a good fit, we would love to hear from you.