Colonel Sanders

By John Eckhouse

I was reading this article from John and found it very interesting.  Here are a few take anyways

“Rather than focusing on social media ROI, the goals of the corporate social media team – which is managed internally – are:

1)  to connect and engage with KFC followers
2)  relationships
3)  respond to any inquiries
4)  have some fun – ex. asking questions on the KFC Facebook page, like “There’s one piece of chicken left in the bucket. What do you do?”

KFC fans are more than willing to respond, and sometimes even initiate brand interaction. Maynard said the Colonel – who passed away quite some time ago – receives marriage proposals and has been invited to weddings. While he could not make those celebrations, of course, the company sent buckets of chicken for the reception. Fans also tweet photos to the company showing off their Colonel Sanders tattoos.”

The orginal article in full is located here