PiXate Creative

3D Architectural Visualization Firm

PiXate Creative lets you see your finished designs before construction even starts. We are a 3D architectural visualization located firm in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. We use the latest technology to create stunningly realistic images of designs, buildings or rooms that cannot be photographed or have not even been created yet. PiXate Creative takes your ideas and makes them real, showing you, your team, your clients and the community how your vision will unfold.

Using the information you provide about your project and augmenting the designs with 3D architectural rendering in the hands of skilled technicians, your plans and schematics become something visually captivating. PiXate Creative brings homes, offices, businesses, public works projects, renovations and much more to life with amazing clarity, color and detail. Instead of imagining what finished bathroom or kitchen renovations will look like, your clients can see it. Communities and lawmakers can see buildings and streets redesigned, business owners can see the new face of their company and future homeowners can take a look inside their soon-to-be dream homes.

Browse the portfolio to see 3D architectural renderings from a variety of projects. Call 603.899.7495 to learn more about any rendering and discuss plans or designs for a project that you are working on.

Architectural Illustration Firm