Acton Massachusetts

Here is a render we just finished for Structure Tech, Inc in Mansfield Mass.  Tom told us today that he is “so pleased with your renders because everyone I run into that sees these images wants more information on the property.  Having a high quality render makes it so easy to sell the job.”

We are planning on creating a step by step walk though on how we created this image.  So check back soon!

See for yourself.  Here is the render

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My interest in 3D began when the movie Toy Story was released in 1995. I was 15 and was amazed by the idea that realistic images could be computer generated. To feed my curiosity I began working with LightWave, a 3D animation package, to create cartoon characters within environments. Once I picked up 3D, I never put it down. Motivated and self taught, I spent the next 12 years perfecting and improving my 3D software application skills. I am the owner of PiXate Creative, husband, and father of two kids.